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Conservatorship Orientation:

Tulare County Superior Court Rule 1009 requires each proposed conservator to view the educational program provided by the court.  This program provides an overview of the duties of a conservator. The orientation is divided into two sections.  The first section covers the general orientation for all conservators. The second section is a video, “With Heart.” 

Click here for more Online Conservatorship Orientation information.

Click here for the video "With Heart."

Once you have reviewed the Orientation and video, download or print the Handbook for Conservators, available here:

After you have completed all of these steps, print, sign and file the Declaration of Completion of Orientation for Non-Professional Conservators. You will file the signed original and two copies of this declaration in the clerk’s office, and provide one filed-endorsed copy to Family Court Services.

Additional self-help overview courses on probate conservatorships of the person and the estate are highly recommended and are available below:

Self-Help overview course from Ventura – of the person and of the estate with Spanish language option

For additional information and assistance, if you are self-represented, you can contact our Self-Help Resource Center.

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