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Court Operations and Administration

Welcome to the Superior Court of California, County of Tulare, Court Operations and Administration page.

Here you will find useful information related to various administrative topics and services. 

Services and Information

  • Strategic Plan

    In 2023, the Superior Court of California, County of Tulare embarked on a comprehensive process to develop a strategic plan. 

  • Judicial Administrative Records

    Records are available to the public pursuant to CRC 10.500. 

  • Temporary Judge (Judge Pro Tem)

    Are you interested in serving as a temporary judge for the Tulare County Superior Court? 

  • Medical Examiners

    Do you have questions regarding Medical Examiners? 

Courthouse Tours

The Tulare County Superior Court is pleased to offer courthouse tours to various student groups throughout the county.  Tours are available at both the Visalia Division (North County) and South County Justice Center (Porterville).   

The general tour includes an overview of the building's security, a courtroom, jury assembly room as well as our court security center.  When schedules allow, tours may be highlighted with conversation with courtroom staff.  

For general information or to make a reservation for a group tour, please contact us at 559-730-5000 ext. 1110. 

Lost and Found

If you have had an item misplaced at the Court, please contact Court Administration as soon as possible by phone or at one of the following locations. 

Visalia Division: 221 S Mooney Blvd, Room 303

South County Justice Center (Porterville): 300 E Olive Ave, Inside Service Counters 

Note: All unclaimed items placed in the Court's Lost and Found may be discarded after 90 days. 

Media Requests

To ensure that the fairness and dignity of proceedings is preserved, and in accordance with California Rule of Court, Rule 1.150 prior approval is required for photographing, recording, or broadcasting in the courtroom.

To request approval, the two forms listed below must be completed and submitted to the court prior to the event or hearing to be covered.

    The forms shall be submitted via email to at least five (5) court days before the proceeding to be covered unless good cause is shown. The request will immediately be delivered to the assigned judge who will rule on the request. If no judge has been assigned, the request will be submitted to the presiding judge. 

    Photographing and Media Coverage in Other Areas of Courthouse

    Unless approved by written order, filming, videotaping, photographing and electronic recording of any kind is not permitted in any other part of the courthouse, including but not limited to entrances, exits, halls, stairways, and elevators. Application for permission for photographing or media coverage in these areas of the courthouse shall be directed to the presiding judge by submitting Judicial Council forms MC-500 and MC-510 to

    Cameras and recording devices shall be turned off while being transported in any area of the court unless expressly permitted by court order. Filming, videotaping and photographing of the interior of any courtroom through the glass door windows or through the double doors, or otherwise is prohibited. No microphones or cameras shall be permitted in any courtroom unless the judge hearing a matter within the courtroom has expressly authorized such use in a written order pursuant to California Rule of Court, Rule 1.150.

    Notice to Media Agencies

    Each media agency shall be responsible for ensuring that all its media personnel who cover the court proceeding know and follow the provisions of the court order and California Rule of Court, Rule 1.150, et seq. 

    If the request is approved, the judge may specify the placement of media personnel and equipment to permit reasonable photographing or media coverage without disruption of the proceedings.

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