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Family Dispute Resolution

Parent, Guardians, Stepparents and Grandparents

Welcome to the Family Dispute Resolution Orientation.  There are two parts to this orientation. Allow at least 90 minutes to complete. Please do not begin this orientation until you have the time set aside to complete it as you will have to start over in the process if you end before your Intake form is submitted on the last page. If you are taking this orientation for information only, please do not complete the Intake Form which is the second part of the orientation.

If you have been mandated by the Court or requested to complete the orientation by Family Court Services staff, you are required to complete both parts of the Orientation. 

  • Part One: consists of a 52 page PowerPoint orientation that will take approximately 20 minutes to complete. 
  • Part Two: consists of completing the Intake Form as instructed on page 52 of the PowerPoint.

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