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Announcement: Tulare County Superior Court Introduces Our Virtual Public Counter -

The Tulare County Superior Court is excited to announce our new service, the Virtual Public Counter.  Accessed via mobile device or computer, our virtual public counter offers real-time, face-to-face interactions with our Superior Court support team, potentially alleviating the need for a physical visit to the court. They assist with a variety of services like court records requests, payments, and self-help.  Due to procedural logistics some services may require an in-person visit.  Click here to try it now.

Request Remote Hearings

Use the form below to request an online hearing.

How To Appear Remotely

Parties may appear at the hearing either by video or by phone using Zoom, a remote conferencing service
provided for free. If you do not have a Zoom account please refer to the vendors website at for details.

Remote Hearing Guidance

  • For private counsel please use the following naming convention for appearing in the remote hearing
      • First initial, last name, Retained Counsel
        • Example J. Doe Retained Counsel
  • For court Justice partner i.e. Public Defender, Probation, District Attorney and Conflict Counsel please use the following naming convention
    • First initial, last name, Organization
        • Example J. Doe Public Defender
        • Example J. Doe Probation
        • Example J. Doe District Attorney
        • Example J. Doe Conflict Counsel
  • Dress in a soft solid color. If a tie is worn, use a solid tie rather than one with a pattern.
  • When speaking, remember to look directly at the webcam, not at the screen.
  • Position the camera at your eye level or slightly above eye level.
  • Be mindful of what is behind you, choose a solid neutral wall if possible - or use a virtual background
  • Check the lighting. Light from a window behind you might blind the camera, making you look dark. Light above you in the center of a room might also cast shadows. Ideally, position a lamp, or sit facing a window, where light is directly on your face. Also be aware that your monitor casts light that can make you look blue.
  • Please speak one at a time and to pause prior to speaking in case there is any audio/video lag.
  • Please mute yourself when not speaking in order to avoid any potential background noise.

How Far In Advance To Request

Requests for remote access should not be requested more than one week in advance. A response to a request for remote appearance can be expected within 24 hours of submission. Requests made within 24 hours of a hearing shall be accommodated to the best of the Court’s ability.

Notice of Intent To Appear Remotely

In addition to submitting a request to appear remotely using the form on this page, you must give notice to the court and all others entitled to receive notice, as provided under California Rule of Court 3.672 and Code of Civil Procedure section 367.75.  You should review California Rule of Court 3.672 and Code of Civil Procedure section 367.75 concerning the manner in which notice must be provided and the amount of notice required for your remote appearance

New Local Rule Relating To Remote Appearances in Family Law and Domestic Violence Cases

Effective July 1, 2022, the court has adopted a new rule relating to remote appearances in family law and domestic violence cases.  (See Tulare County Superior Court local rule 937).  You can review the court’s local rules here.

Parties Authorized For Remote Appearance


Criminal, Civil, and Family Law Attorneys may appear remotely for non-evidentiary hearings. Law firms may request to be added to a weekly distribution list by emailing

Individuals Pending Criminal Charges

Persons who are out of custody pending criminal charges are not authorized to appear remotely. Counsel can make request remote appearances on behalf of the clients directly to the Court. Persons who are in-custody pending criminal charges will appear in person or remotely depending on the scheduled hearing type.

Civil and Family Law Litigants

Parties and witnesses in civil and family law cases may appear remotely to the extent permitted by, and in accordance with, California Rule of Court 3.672 and Code of Civil Procedure section 367.75.

Authorized Hearing Types


Personal or remote appearances are required for the following purposes:

  • Evidentiary Hearings
  • Change of Plea
  • Enter Time Waiver
  • Sentencing
  • As Ordered by the Court

Civil/Family Law/Probate

The following evidentiary hearings will require a personal appearance:

  • Settlement Conference
  • Trial Readiness Conference
  • Trial/Contested Hearing/Evidentiary Hearings*
  • Creditor Examinations/Order of Examination
  • Restraining Orders
  • Unlawful Detainers

Note: Parties may still participate in court hearings via Court Call.
Parties may appear remotely for all other hearing types at the judge’s discretion.

Traffic/Small Claims

Traffic and Small Claims cases are not holding remote hearings.

Assistance By Telephone With Remote Appearances

Assistance regarding scheduled remote appearances is available by calling (559) 738-2330.

Request Remote Hearing Form

Please read the following before submitting a request:

  • Requests that do not include all necessary fields (marked by red asterisk) will be ignored
  • This form is NOT for information requests, and should only be used to request remote hearings

Please note that all confidential requests will be denied.

All fields with an asterisk (*) are required

Requestor Information -


Case Information -

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I acknowledge that  a clerk would be responding to my request within 24 hours by email. (I will not submit another request until then)

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