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Online Services

Using our online tools and request forms, you can save time by completing many tasks without having to visit the court. You can check your jury group status, pay fines, and request transcripts and public records.

  • Court Appearance Reminder System

    Signup for text or email reminders for your upcoming court hearing(s).

  • Request Remote Hearings

    Use the online form to request a remote hearing.

  • Request A Fine Reduction

    Access the California Courts Website to request a fine reduction for your traffic ticket in cases of financial need.

  • Pay Criminal Fines

    You may use our secure online payment processing tool to conveniently pay criminal fines online.

  • Pay Traffic Fines

    Traffic fines can be conveniently paid for online using our payment processing tool.

  • Jury Status

    Check your jury group status using our online jury information table. This page is updated as needed. If it has not been updated, please call the 24-hour jury recorder for the court for info.

  • Jury Duty Postponement

    For jury duty postponements use the Online Response Form

  • Request An Extension

    Access Citation Payment or Request an Extension website.

  • Reserve a Traffic Court Date

    Use the online request form to reserve a court date for a traffic hearing.

  • Request Transcripts

    Requesting court transcripts is simple. Enter your information, along with the case information into our online form, and your request will be processed.

  • Request Electronic Recordings

    Use the Request Electronic Recordings form to request copies of electronic recordings on misdemeanor proceedings.

  • Tentative Rulings

    Civil Tentative Rulings, and Probate Examiner Recommendations are available. All attempts possible are made to have the information on these pages updated by 3:00pm the day prior to hearing in order to allow for any needed continuances or travel if an appearance should be required.

  • Traffic School Completion Status

    Check the status of your Traffic School Certificate and court case status information.

  • Civil Unlimited Complaints

    Timely access to newly received unlimited civil,  and nonconfidential complaints.

  • Procurement

    The Court welcomes bids, quotes, and proposals from businesses for needed goods and services. Use the links below to view open RFPs, "Intent To Award" and other public notices, and add your company to the bidder's list.

  • Case Index Search

    Search our public portal case database for information regarding specific cases including case summaries, filings, party information, and more.

  • Records Request

    Request Court records using this form.

  • Tulare County Superior Court Policy for Record Viewing and Copying

    Effective Monday, August 3, 2015 and as updated on July 11, 2016, the following is the policy for the viewing and copying of public records in Tulare County Superior Court. 

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