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Announcement: Tulare County Superior Court Introduces Our Virtual Public Counter -

The Tulare County Superior Court is excited to announce our new service, the Virtual Public Counter.  Accessed via mobile device or computer, our virtual public counter offers real-time, face-to-face interactions with our Superior Court support team, potentially alleviating the need for a physical visit to the court. They assist with a variety of services like court records requests, payments, and self-help.  Due to procedural logistics some services may require an in-person visit.  Click here to try it now.

Orientation to Family Court Services Mediation and Child Custody Recommending Counseling

Parent, Guardians, Stepparents and Grandparents

Welcome to the Online Orientation for Family Court Services. If you have been mandated by the Court or requested to complete this orientation by Family Court Services staff, you are required to complete Parts One and Two of this orientation.  Part Three of this orientation is required only if you have made current or past allegations of domestic violence against the other party in the case. Before beginning this process, be sure to have your court paperwork with you as you will need to enter your case number, mediation appointment date, and next court date in your Intake form.

NOTE: If you are taking this orientation for information only, please do not complete part two or three below.

  • Part One: (required) consists of information about what to expect from family court mediation which includes a 30-minute video entitled: Orientation to Family Court Mediation and Child Custody Recommending Counseling here
  • Part Two: (required) consists of completing the Intake Form here. After submitting the Intake Form, you will receive an email confirmation of your Intake Form if an email address was provided. *
  • Part Three: (required if there are current or past allegations of domestic violence with the other party in this case): consists of completing the Domestic Violence Questionnaire here. After submitting the Questionnaire, you will receive an email confirmation of your questionnaire if an email address was provided. *             
Domestic Violence includes (but is not limited to) the following:  physical, verbal, mental, emotional, financial, and/or sexual abuse by the other party.

*Check your junk or spam folders if not received. 

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