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Announcement: Tulare County Superior Court Introduces Our Virtual Public Counter -

The Tulare County Superior Court is excited to announce our new service, the Virtual Public Counter.  Accessed via mobile device or computer, our virtual public counter offers real-time, face-to-face interactions with our Superior Court support team, potentially alleviating the need for a physical visit to the court. They assist with a variety of services like court records requests, payments, and self-help.  Due to procedural logistics some services may require an in-person visit.  Click here to try it now.

Human Resources

Tulare County Superior Court, Human Resources

Tulare County Superior Court's Human Resources Department provides information and services regarding benefits, employment opportunities and much more.

Equal Opportunity Employer

In accordance with state and federal requirements, the court supports a policy of non-discrimination and equal employment opportunity (EEO). Superior Court will not discriminate in any policy, practice, or procedure on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, ancestry, age, marital status, physical disability, mental disability, medical condition, sexual orientation, or other basis protected by law.

Current Job Openings

Interested in working for the Court?  

View Career Opportunities Here

Application Submission

Current Recruitments

Candidates applying for regular positions must submit an application, a supplemental application form, and other required documents by 5:00 p.m. on the final filing date.  Final filing dates vary and are listed on each job announcement.  Dates listed as "Until filled" can close at any time as determined by the Court Human Resources Department. Separate applications must be submitted for each recruitment. Resumes will not be accepted in lieu of the application.


Applications will be reviewed and evaluated to determine the most highly qualified candidates. Those candidates may then be invited to participate in the examination process which may consist of an application review and ranking assessment of supplemental exams; written, oral, or performance exam; or any combination thereof. Exam scores determine rank on employment lists.

Exam Accommodation

Disabled applicants who require special testing arrangements must contact the Court Human Resources Department of the Tulare County Superior Court.

Eligibility Lists

Eligibility lists contain names of applicants who are determined to have met the minimum qualifications for the classification to which they have applied. Applications accepted for eligibility lists are utilized for current and future vacancies. Accepted applications remain active for six months from the date received by the Court Human Resources Department unless otherwise determined by the Director of Human Resources.


The top five ranked applicants on the employment list may be interviewed by departments having vacancies. The position manager makes the hiring decision.

Probationary Period

Employees appointed to competitive positions serve a probationary period of six months before they are considered regular employees.

Condition of Employment

Candidates selected may be required to pass a pre-employment physical and/or psychological examination which is given at no cost to the candidate. A reference check and/or background investigation may also be conducted.

Background Check

All employees are fingerprinted and must pass a background check. Information obtained will be evaluated for compatibility with court employment. Any false statement or omission of material fact may cause forfeiture to employment rights. Information presented on employment application, resumes, and during the examination process is subject to verification. 

Driver's License

For positions requiring the operation of a motor vehicle, candidates referred for a hiring interview may be required to provide a DMV report and meet the Court's driving standards.

Employee Documentation

In accordance with the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, all persons hired are required to present to the Court, at the time of appointment, original documents which show satisfactory proof of identity and U.S. Citizenship or a legal right to work permanently in the United States. 

Drug-free workplace

The Court is a drug-free workplace and has a comprehensive substance abuse policy.

The following suggestions are offered to assist applicants with the completion of the court's application materials. If you have a suggestion for a tip not listed here, please email your idea or suggestion to

Application Materials Submission

  • Application material requirements are listed in the Current Recruitments section of this website. Most applications will require a completed application packet; extra help positions only require a completed application.
  • Application packets for full time positions consist of the 1) supplemental exam, 2) the application, and 3) the statistical data sheet (see the Current Recruitments link). ALL full time applications received must include the supplemental exam and the application to be considered. If these documents are missing or incomplete they will not be reviewed. The statistical data sheet is optional, but helpful to the court to assess our recruitment program and maintain an equal employment opportunity environment (this information is confidential and will not be part of the recruitment qualification review).
  • To fully answer supplemental exam questions, additional pages can be added to the exam, up to one side of one regular size sheet of paper (8.5 x 11-standard letter size) per exam question.
  • Applications are also permitted other attachments, such as resumes, recommendation letters, certifications or any other information that would detail an applicant's qualifications.
  • Resumes are not a substitute for a completed court application. Additionally, applications that do not have a complete description of items in the employment history, or state "see resume", are considered incomplete and not reviewed.
  • A separate, completed application packet must be submitted for each recruitment.
  • When completing the application section "Area Preference," check every location of interest. If an area preference is not checked, the application will not be forwarded to that locale should an opening become available. For example, if the option "Visalia" is left unchecked on an applicant's area preference section, then that application will not be forwarded for any vacancies located at the Visalia Main Courthouse.
  • Applicants interested in bilingual positions must complete the Language section of the application, which includes providing the language of fluency by name. If the name of the additional language is not provided, the application will not be forwarded for bilingual opportunities. This applies to interpreter applicants as well as applicants for other positions.

Supplemental Exams

  • Answer supplemental exam questions with as much detail as possible, use additional pages up to the limit permitted (see second bullet in the previous section) if necessary. Responses to these questions determine application rank, which can determine who gets an interview in a given recruitment.
  • When completing the supplemental exam, assume any reader of the application or supplemental exam knows nothing about the applicant's background, education or experience. For example, if a question asks for a description of experience, a response of "Yes, I have 20 years of experience" would not be considered an optimal answer regardless of what the applicant does or does not know.

Method of Application

  • Utilize the method of application for employment that best meets the needs of the applicant; there is no preferred method. Hardcopy applications can be mailed to applicants upon request. Such requests can be made by email to, by fax to 559-730-2772 or by phone to 559-730-5000 Option 8.
  • Once applications are completed, they can be mailed regular mail, faxed to the Court's Human Resources confidential fax number (559) 730-2772, or sent e-mail to If sent by email, an original signature page signed and dated by the applicant for the application page and the supplemental exam must be submitted regular mail. However, the application date will be the date an email was received by the CourtHR email box.


Salary ranges have five steps with approximately 5% between steps. Starting salaries are normally at the first step, with achievement of the second step after six months of satisfactory service. Twelve months of satisfactory service are required between each of the remaining salary steps. Candidates granted advanced step appointments are required to perform twelve months of satisfactory service before consideration for the next salary step increase.

Employee Benefits

The information listed below is a general summary of benefits. The court has a variety of benefit options available which may differ between bargaining units.


  • 11 days initially
  • 16 days after 3 years
  • 20 days after 8 years
  • 25 days after 11 years


Sick Leave

  • 12 days annually with unlimited accumulation


Medical, Dental and Vision coverage. Dependent coverage is also available. Life insurance coverage of $10,000 is provided. All positions are eligible for long-term and/or state disability insurance. Additional supplemental life and long-term disability insurance may be purchased by the employee.


The retirement plan is a defined benefit plan administered pursuant to the 1937 County Employees Retirement Act and integrated with Social Security. In addition to ordinary retirement benefits, the plan provides disability and death benefits. Both the Tulare County Superior Court and the employee make retirement contributions. The Tulare County Superior Court has reciprocity with the State of California, contracting PERS agencies, the State Teachers' Retirement system, and all 1937 County Employees Retirement Act systems.

Other Benefits

Other benefits are available, including the Employee Assistance Program, Employee Recognition Program, IRS Section 125 Program (provides tax savings for insurance costs, dependent care costs, and unreimbursed medical expenses), and Deferred Compensation.

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