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Please be advised that due to increasing COVID-19 cases, the Visalia Division Civil/Family Law, Room 201 is closed to walk-ins, appointments are required until further notice.

New Website -

Welcome to the new Tulare County Superior Court website.  Please be advised that the website address has changed.  The new URL is  Please be sure to update your bookmarks accordingly.  

COVID-19 Notice:

Please do not come to the courthouse if you meet the following criteria:

·        Sick with fever, cough, shortness of breath or other COVID-19 related symptoms
·        Recently tested for COVID-19 and waiting for test results
·        Tested positive for COVID-19
·        Had direct exposure to someone who tested positive for COVID-19 and told to self-quarantine due to COVID-19

If you meet any of the above criteria, please contact your attorney for your case or call (559) 730-5000 Ext. 110

Temporary Judges

Requirements to be Approved by the Court to Act as a Temporary Judge

In 2006 the Administrative Office of the Courts passed new rules pertaining to who the court may appoint to act as a temporary judge.

To be able to serve as a court appointed temporary judge, an attorney must comply with Code of Civil Procedure (CCP) §116.240 and California Rules of Court (CRC), rules 2.810-2.819. These rules require certain classes and continuing education to be eligible for appointment by the court as a temporary judge. These rules apply whether or not one has served as a temporary judge previously. This education/training must be repeated every three years. Therefore, a court order appointing one as a temporary judge expires three years from the date it was issued.

The Administration Office of the Court (AOC) has developed a website for on-line training in various substantive subjects to qualify as a temporary judge.

The local court is responsible for providing some of the training if it uses temporary judges. The Tulare Superior Court will provide a three hour in-person training in:

  1. Court conduct, demeanor, and decorum;
  2. Access, fairness, and elimination of bias; and
  3. Adjudicating cases involving self-represented parties. This court will also provide a three-hour substantive course in the Drug Court Program. These classes will usually be provided only once a year.

The dates and times for these classes will be available on the Court's website. These courses and the on-line courses qualify for MCLE credit.

Any attorney wanting to serve as a temporary judge must complete the required training and then submit an application (including copies of all training completion certificates or certificates of attendance). Completed applications should be sent to:

Ellen Kennedy
Executive Secretary
221 S. Mooney Blvd, Room 303
Visalia, CA 93291

The attorney must have been deemed qualified to act, and an order issued appointing the attorney as a temporary judge in that substantive subject, prior to the court considering the attorney to sit as a temporary judge when a need arises.

These rules to not apply to an attorney agreed upon by the parties to act as a temporary judge. [See CRC, rule 2.830]

View information regarding requirements to be approved by the court to act as a temporary judge, and download the temporary judges application.

Application Form


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