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Temporary Judges

Requirements to be Approved by the Court to Act as a Temporary Judge

In 2006 the Administrative Office of the Courts passed new rules pertaining to who the court may appoint to act as a temporary judge.

To be able to serve as a court appointed temporary judge, an attorney must comply with Code of Civil Procedure (CCP) §116.240 and California Rules of Court (CRC), rules 2.810-2.819. These rules require certain classes and continuing education to be eligible for appointment by the court as a temporary judge. These rules apply whether or not one has served as a temporary judge previously. This education/training must be repeated every three years. Therefore, a court order appointing one as a temporary judge expires three years from the date it was issued.

The Administration Office of the Court (AOC) has developed a website for on-line training in various substantive subjects to qualify as a temporary judge.

The local court is responsible for providing some of the training if it uses temporary judges. The Tulare Superior Court will provide a three hour in-person training in:

  1. Court conduct, demeanor, and decorum;
  2. Access, fairness, and elimination of bias; and
  3. Adjudicating cases involving self-represented parties. This court will also provide a three-hour substantive course in the Drug Court Program. These classes will usually be provided only once a year.

The dates and times for these classes will be available on the Court's website. These courses and the on-line courses qualify for MCLE credit.

Any attorney wanting to serve as a temporary judge must complete the required training and then submit an application (including copies of all training completion certificates or certificates of attendance). Completed applications should be sent to:

Ellen Kennedy
Executive Secretary
221 S. Mooney Blvd, Room 303
Visalia, CA 93291

The attorney must have been deemed qualified to act, and an order issued appointing the attorney as a temporary judge in that substantive subject, prior to the court considering the attorney to sit as a temporary judge when a need arises.

These rules to not apply to an attorney agreed upon by the parties to act as a temporary judge. [See CRC, rule 2.830]

View information regarding requirements to be approved by the court to act as a temporary judge, and download the temporary judges application.

Application Form

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